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Resources exist, but can be difficult to access.
This page is dedicated to driving awareness about resources for activation.
Flexible Financing for Nonprofits

Partner: IFF 

Contact: IFF Loans: and Real Estate Consulting Services:

IFF can lend to and consult for most 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are providing clear support to low-to-moderate income communities. IFF is most successful when working with nonprofits that have a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue and 5 years of operating track record. 
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Partner: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc.


Healthify is building high impact social service referral networks in order to address social determinants of health.  
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Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

Partners: Kansas Health Foundation, The Food Trust, IFF, Kansas Healthy Food Initiative


Kansas Healthy Food Initiative is a healthy food financing initiative that supports projects aiming to increase access to healthy food at the retail level in low-resource and underserved areas of Kansas.  
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Leadership Transformation Grants

Partner: The Kansas Leadership Center


Through the Leadership Transformation Grant, the Kansas Leadership Center partners with organizations to help them create a culture of leadership that embraces change, tackles problems and seizes opportunities. The KLC is looking for partners across the state to saturate their organization with KLC's proven framework in order to make lasting progress on their biggest challenges. 
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Kansas Community Investment Fund (KCIF)

Partner: NetWork Kansas


The Kansas Community Investment Fund is designed to provide capital to non-profit and for-profit projects that impact community and economic health including healthy behaviors, access to care, education attainment, and civic and community engagement.
Resources will be uploaded on an ongoing basis.