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Improving Communities.


We're NetWorked.
A network of networks working together
to boldly solve community challenges.
Working together.
It's the only real hope for developing the transformational change that leads to more healthy and vibrant communities. 
Access is a difference-maker. Resources are game-changers. From community development to economic development, change is ours to make.
That's why NetWorked is all about connecting unconnected networks and closing gaps between people, information and assets to develop pathways that boldly solve community challenges.
Changes made.
These are examples of the kinds of collaborations and transformational changes that are happening. 
Jayhawk Memorial.jpg

Impact Area: Access to Care

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Funded: April 2020

Jayhawk Pharmacy

A $40,000 loan will help the pharmacy expand to a second location inside Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s new west campus, and will be used for medicinal inventory and medical equipment.

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Impact Area: Economic Development/Entrepreneurship Support

Location: Kansas

Funded: May 2020

Restart Kansas County Loan Fund

More than $1.4 million in initial funding helped to create the Restart Kansas County Loan Fund, which provides low-interest loans of up to $20,000 to business owners in participating counties seeking emergency relief due to COVID-19's economic impact. The loan terms are two percent interest for 48 months with four months of deferred payments.

The fund also proved effective in providing capital to minority business enterprises that reported having difficulties accessing other relief funds such as PPP.

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KCK Farmers Market.PNG

Impact Area: Access to Fresh Food

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Funded: 2018

KCK Farmers' Market

KCK Farmers’ Market received a grant from the Kansas Healthy Food Initiative for $5,000 to facilitate the strategic development of business and marketing plans and the purchase of equipment. The market projects a 10 percent increase in sales from these improvements.

KHFI Label.png

Impact Area: Community Development

Location: Douglas/Leavenworth counties, Kansas

Funded: September 2020

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas grant

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas gave a $250,000 grant to Home Works USA in Douglas County/Leavenworth County to fund the construction of 10 small green affordable rental units for emerging adults aging out of foster care. This pilot project aims to create stable, affordable housing for this population which is critical for their physical and mental health. The grant falls under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas' Trailblazers Initiative.

IdeaTek Logo.png

Impact Area: Civic Engagement

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas

Funded: October 2020

IdeaTek Telecom

A $225,000 loan and $25,000 grant to expand broadband service to rural, low-resource communities who don’t have access to the internet.

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Impact Area: Entrepreneurship Support

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Funded: 2018

Create Capital Loan Fund

Recognizing the access to capital barriers for minority-owned businesses, Create Campaign, Inc. in partnership with the Bravely Onward Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation created a low-interest, short-term loan program for minority-owned businesses in the Wichita area. The program offers up to $25,000 at 5 percent interest rate for up to 48-months in this program. More than $51,000 has been loaned and the results have led to companies hiring, growing by acquisition and increasing revenue.

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Break silos.
Share solutions.
Change communities.
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